DO'S FARM in European market

August 31, 2020

    Where did you heard "DO'S FARM" at the first time? I think lots of clients and consumers will say in Thailand, Korea, Japan , Vietnam and other Southeastern Asian country.


    Actually, our brand "DO'S FARM" have already been sold to lots of European market since 2019. You can find our products and brand in Poland, Romania, Moldova and so on... We spent lots of time and efforts to build our brand in European market not only offline market but also in online promote.


    We cooperated with famous KA supermarket and convenience store, did lots of promotion and focus on product display. Apart from this, we also have our own Facebook page , Instagram account and our official websites in European market.


    You can try to search @dosfarmeurope through Facebook and Instagram to get our latest information in European market. In addition, you can also view our website: to find us and play with us. If you have the purchase demand, please feel free to contact us by email: 


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