MUI HALAL Training in Guangdong Xinle Foods

August 20, 2018

      Aug 15-16th,2018. We,Guangdong Xinle Foods Co.,Ltd. was organized a professional HALAL training. Invited 2 trainer which came from MUI to make a training for 2 days.


       According to the statistics, there are more than 2 billions Islam in the world. Indonesia is the largest Muslim community in the world, about 90% , more than 250 millions of people are muslim. As we all know, Halal is a very sensitive issue in muslim country.


       In the first part of this training, the trainers explain what's halal and haram. Halal means allowed or lawful. In the case of diets and foods, most of them are considered to be halal unless they are specified or mentioned in the Qur’an or hadits. Haram means prohibited or unlawful. In Islam, Haram foods means unlawful to be consumed.


      What's the Haram materials?

      The trainers also sharing that critical activities may include new material selection, material purchasing,
product formulation (if any), incoming materials checking, production,cleaning of production facilities, material and product storage and handling,transportation. Types of critical activities in a company may be different from those in another company depending on the business process the company has.


      Thanks for our trainers to telling so much about Halal and Halal culture. We will try our best to make our products fully according to halal policy, and make the healthier and safety candy for our customers.



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