Special support to fight with COVID-19

April 16, 2020

    COVID-19 , the biggest enemy of the whole world in 2020 which caused millions of people infected. As we all know, the economy of each country have been deeply affected due to the spread of COVID-19 globally. The school, restaurant & cinema were closed,  staff of companies started work from home, all the market moved on slowly. 


    China was the first country to faced this disaster, the economy of China was affected as well during the spread of virus. Fortunately, the virus have been greatly controlled by our health care workers & our government. 


    We have faced this disaster, and we totally understand that what difficulties our partner & clients are facing now. Referring to our company philosophy which is "Customer are most important", we're willing to sacrifice our profit in order to support you in mitigating likely decline profitability.


    After thorough internal discussion, we have reached an agreement on the special support for the sole agent of DO'S FARM.  The detail description is as follows:

    Please be reminded. We're standing closely behind you all the time to share your challenges in front of you.