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Company news about After School Snacks for Children, Nutritious and Healthy Milk Lollipops Are Recommended

After School Snacks for Children, Nutritious and Healthy Milk Lollipops Are Recommended


Latest company news about After School Snacks for Children, Nutritious and Healthy Milk Lollipops Are Recommended

The school season started in September, and the children went to school. After school, many students have not yet reached dinner time at home, but the children are a little hungry after a day of class, so they need to prepare some snacks for the children at home.

Children's food safety has always attracted the attention of parents and the whole society. We recommend parents and children check whether the food packaging is well sealed before purchasing and whether it is stored in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. Food that has exceeded the shelf life and damaged packaging must not be eaten.

For example, our milk lollipops, which are packaged individually, are safe and healthy and are rich in calcium, which is very suitable for children to eat. In China, after the milk lollipop product was launched, the feedback from various sales channels was very good, and it is hoped that it will become a new hot product.

The Dosfarm milk lollipop bags are all individually packaged for easy portability. The lollipop shape is more suitable for children to grasp and eat independently. This milk lollipop is made of milk powder from New Zealand, which is high-quality and delicious and has about 8 times more calcium than liquid milk, with 832mg of calcium per 100g. Pure milk-flavored taste, sweet and nutritious in the mouth, many children fall in love with it after eating one. Dosfarm’s milk lollipops come in a variety of flavors, including milk, yogurt, orange, strawberry, and coffee. Of course, we support flavor customization services if you are a bulk transaction merchant.

Although it is a snack for children, adults can also eat it. After having a child, the choice of snacks usually depends on whether the ingredient list is suitable for the baby. The ingredient list of this milk lollipop is also very good. Auxiliary ingredients are good for health. This chewable milk is a little helper for calcium supplementation for babies. As we all know, calcium supplementation is particularly important for the healthy growth of children.

Dosfarm's Milk Lollipops are great as a daily supplement for extra dairy and as a craving snack. It tastes delicious, the ingredients in the ingredient list are healthy, and 0 sucrose, colostrum, and prebiotics are added, making it more secure for children to eat. The nutrients of this milk lollipop are mainly calcium and protein, and the milk is rich and sweet. You can't eat too much a day, usually about 2. Sometimes children watch animated videos while eating milk lollipops, which can also reduce the burden of noise on parents and allow them to stay quiet.

The milk lollipop is packaged in an independent pouch, which is very convenient to carry. This taste is close to fresh milk because the main ingredient is New Zealand milk powder. Milk lollipops have high calcium content and can be used as a small snack for daily calcium supplementation. They are too friendly to people who need calcium supplementation. Just put a few lollipops in the bag, and children can eat milk anytime and anywhere to supplement nutrition. Our milk lollipops retain the pure milk taste, with a light sweetness in the mouth, just like eating milk.

Every 100g of Dosfarm Milk Lollipop is rich in 832mg of natural calcium, free of non-dairy creamer and artificial dairy products, safe, healthy, and free of burden! This milk lollipop uses New Zealand's local milk source, which is natural, pure, and pollution-free so that children can eat more at ease; and added bovine colostrum and prebiotics, it is more conducive to health. The milk lollipop has a mellow milky fragrance. Many consumers have reported that since they bought the Dosfarm Milk Lollipop for their children, the mothers around them have bought it. The high calcium content and the small package that is easy to carry make mothers love it. As soon as consumers tear open the packaging bag of the milk lollipop, it is full of milk fragrance, and no sucrose is added. After the child eats it, the mother does not have to worry about the problem of dental caries! Each milk lollipop is individually packaged, which is convenient and hygienic.

The milk lollipops of Dosfarm not only taste good, the milk is rich, and they are also very nutritious. Moreover, our products have obtained a number of quality certifications from Chinese and international institutions. The quality and safety are trustworthy. Not only children but also parents can eat them. Adults also need to adequately supplement the body with calcium.

If you are interested in the milk lollipops mentioned above and want to purchase some, we can provide you with samples. If you want to customize the flavor, shape or packaging, etc., we can also meet your needs as much as possible, please feel free to contact us!

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