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Company news about Dietary Supplement Industry: Considerable Market Potential, Timely Arrangement To Enter The Market

Dietary Supplement Industry: Considerable Market Potential, Timely Arrangement To Enter The Market


Latest company news about Dietary Supplement Industry: Considerable Market Potential, Timely Arrangement To Enter The Market

Dietary supplements, i.e. products designed to supplement the diet. Dietary supplements that contain one or more dietary ingredients (including vitamins, minerals, herbal or other botanicals, amino acids, and other substances) or components thereof; are intended to be taken orally as pills, capsules, tablets, or liquids; and are on the front of the product Labeled as a dietary supplement.

Dietary supplement consumption is related to economic level and residents’ income, and developed countries and regions are the main force of global dietary supplement consumption. Nutritional dietary supplements are neither medicines nor foods, and they do not have a uniform title – “dietary supplements” in the US and “food supplements” in the EU. The consumption of dietary supplements is closely related to the level of residents’ consumption: areas with high income of residents have higher per capita consumption; in a region, with economic development and income increase, the dietary supplement consumption market will gradually open and grow rapidly. The major consumers of dietary supplements are located in North America, Europe and Asia. The United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union are the traditional dietary supplement consumption markets, and major consuming countries in Asia include Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

Dietary supplements can be divided into protein supplements, vitamin supplements, mineral supplements, etc. according to their functions; according to the service groups, they can be divided into the general population, the elderly, children, mothers and infants, and sports people. The raw materials of dietary supplements mainly come from animal and plant extracts, agricultural processed products and raw materials. The main raw materials include: gelatin, fish oil, collagen, vitamins, functional sugar, lutein, probiotics, etc.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, health awareness is enhanced, people’s demand increases, and more businessmen turn their attention to the dietary supplement market. In recent years, the sales of dietary supplements have been booming, showing a continuous growth trend. In 2021, the market size of China’s dietary supplement industry will exceed 270 billion yuan, an increase of 20.5 billion yuan compared with 2020, an increase of 8.19% year-on-year.

Dietary supplement products will gradually change from optional consumer goods to mandatory consumer goods in terms of consumption attributes, and dietary supplement products are gradually changing from high-end consumer goods and gifts to must-haves for dietary supplements. These factors will promote dietary supplements in China. According to relevant research, the market size of China’s dietary supplement industry is expected to reach 328.3 billion yuan in 2023.

In China, whether it is a local health product or an imported health product, if it is to be circulated in the Chinese market, it must have a “blue hat” logo. The blue hat product is a health food mark approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. It is a special mark for Chinese health food. It is sky blue and has a hat shape. The industry is commonly known as “blue hat”, also known as “little blue hat”. It is very difficult for enterprises to obtain this blue hat certification. Enterprises not only need to submit basic materials about products and enterprise qualifications, but also provide relevant certificates of product quality, safety reports and other documents. Industry insiders shared that the “blue hat” certification registration cycle for a single product is about three to four years, and the investment for each single product is about several hundred thousand yuan. Because the blue hat certification has high requirements for the production workshop of the enterprise and the professional requirements of production. Generally, only professional pharmaceutical companies have the ability to apply for this certification. Few companies in the food industry can obtain this certification. In short, the fact that an enterprise can obtain the blue hat certification is a manifestation of its professional ability.

Based on the above industry environment and trends, we have launched a new product in line with market trends – Do’s Farm Dietary Supplement Series, and with our company’s professional capabilities, related products have obtained China’s “Blue Hat” certification. Our dietary supplement products are mainly divided into two product series: the first is vitamin bubble tablet product series, including B vitamins and vitamin C tablets; the second is calcium and zinc children’s chewable tablet product series, including three different unique taste.

The vitamin bubble tablet product series, positioned as “delicious and nutritious bubble candy”, has a taste comparable to snack candy, and at the same time contains sufficient nutrients (dietary supplement products), allowing consumers to eat snacks daily. Nutritional supplements. The core consumer group of this product line is 18-35 year olds (post-85s). Compared with competing products, our advantages are mainly low unit price per customer and lower average daily consumption price, which can make consumers more acceptable in terms of price; secondly, in terms of taste, the delicious taste allows consumers to take our vitamin tablets. It can be used as a snack, and the unique bubble taste of our products can be very differentiated from other vitamin tablets on the market (especially vitamin B, which is mostly swallowed on the market).

The calcium and zinc chewable tablet product series for children is positioned as a “health care milk tablet supplemented with calcium and zinc for children”, with the “milk tablet” that has the impression of “nutritious and healthy” and is loved by children as a carrier, and adds children’s bones, teeth and growth and development needs. Nutrients (dietary supplement products). The core group of this product line is mainly 4-12 years old (ie kindergarten to primary school age group). Attracting children’s love through delicious milk tablets that are already popular with children, parents don’t have to find a way to coax their children to eat nutritional tablets, and solve parents’ troubles. In a word, the main product advantages of our chewable tablet product series are: first, low unit price, making it easier for consumers to accept; second, the product form of milk tablets has a much better taste than ordinary calcium supplements; Third, the milk powder content reaches 70%, and the milk source comes from New Zealand.

If you are interested in the above dietary supplements, please feel free to contact us! We provide professional ODM&OEM service and can produce any type/shape/flavor/packaging you want to meet your customized needs.

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