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Company news about Do’s Farm: Committed to providing customers with professional product taste customization services

Do’s Farm: Committed to providing customers with professional product taste customization services


Latest company news about Do’s Farm: Committed to providing customers with professional product taste customization services

Among the sugar-free mint product series launched by our company, one of them is widely praised by consumers, that is, Plum flavor sugar-free mint. Over the years, plum flavored sugar-free mints have been favored by consumers in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, with hot sales.

Our Plum flavored sugar-free mints have added plum, so in addition to the refreshing effect of mint, it also has the effect of plum. Plum has the functions of promoting body fluid and relieving fatigue, appetizing and digesting food, and promoting body fluid. It often requires a moderate ratio of sour, sweet and salty, and Plum has achieved this. The sour and salty taste stimulates the taste buds and makes saliva secrete body fluid. Improve dry mouth. Plum is made from plum, which benefits people and has the effect of relieving pain and swelling. It is mentioned in "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Plum, the fruit of blood, strengthens the stomach, astringes the lung, warms the spleen, stops bleeding and phlegm, and reduces swelling. Detoxification, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst, and curing chronic cough and diarrhea.” The medical book mentioned that when you have a stomachache, you can apply plum meat to the navel, or drink some plum boiled water, which has the effect of relieving pain. Plum tastes sour and salty, which can induce body fluid and quench thirst, stimulate taste buds, and can relieve morning sickness, motion sickness, and other uncomfortable effects if eaten in moderation. Based on the above advantages, Plum flavored sugar-free mints have always been loved by many consumers.

In 2019, the FDA issued new regulations to carry out stricter control over the food industry. Plum flavored sugar-free mints need to be discontinued due to relevant policies.

After plum flavor sugar-free mints were discontinued, Thai consumers miss the delicious plum flavored sugar-free mints, so they have been reporting to our Thai distributors that they like plum flavored sugar-free mints. They are very much looking forward to the return of Plum flavored sugar-free mints.

Thai distributors want to meet the demands of consumers, and also hope that Plum flavor sugar-free mints can bring more sales to themselves, so they asked our sales staff, and hope that we can develop products that can meet the new requirements. It can also achieve a taste very similar to the original plum flavored sugar-free mints, so as to satisfy consumers' yearning for plum flavored sugar-free mints.

After receiving the customer's needs, our sales staff uphold the customer-oriented service attitude and also believe in the professionalism of the company's internal R&D department, so they responded positively to the customer and said that this problem will be solved. After several communications between the sales staff and the person in charge of the R&D department, I tried to adjust the sweetener of Plum flavor sugar-free mints, adjust the acidity of Plum flavor sugar-free mints, and adjust the Plum flavor sugar-free mints. To adjust the formula of Plum flavored sugar-free mints by adjusting the saltiness of the sugar and adjusting the plum meat content in the raw materials of Plum flavored sugar-free mints, more than five sets of samples have been sent to Thai distributors. After the Thai distributor received the sample, it was confirmed by tasting and testing by a professional team that it still did not achieve the expected effect.

Although we encountered such a difficult situation at the time, our staff did not give up easily and continued to think about how to make plum flavored sugar-free mints that satisfy customers. Later, our R&D team realized that we could try to change other raw materials, so our staff searched for better raw materials everywhere. At the same time, the R&D team adjusts the ingredients plan of plum flavored sugar-free mints in strict accordance with the relevant policies of Thailand according to customer needs.

After months of unremitting efforts by our R&D team, we finally formulated Plum flavored sugar-free mints that satisfy our customers, and successfully made plum flavored sugar-free mints available to consumers in the city again.

After knowing our service attitude and professionalism, Thai distributors gave positive affirmation and in 2021, more than $1500 of orders have been purchased. According to feedback from Thai distributors, the newly developed Plum flavored sugar-free mints have been greatly recognized by consumers. Consumers feel that they like the newly developed plum flavored sugar-free mints, which are very delicious.

The Thai distributor is very happy and told us, Good news! our Facebook has been receiving all kinds of private messages from consumers, and consumers are very happy that "Plum flavored sugar-free mints are coming back", thank you very much for your professionalism!

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