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Company news about Do’s Farm: Entering The Japanese Market With High-Quality Products

Do’s Farm: Entering The Japanese Market With High-Quality Products


Latest company news about Do’s Farm: Entering The Japanese Market With High-Quality Products

Japan’s status as one of the safest countries in the world for food supply is relatively universally recognized. Japan’s parliament, as the legislative body, is mainly responsible for formulating laws and regulations to ensure the safety of the food supply. Japan’s food safety laws mainly include the Food Safety Basic Law, the Food Sanitation Law, etc., as well as the accompanying implementation orders and implementation rules of the relevant laws; the food standard system is divided into three levels: national standards, industry standards, and enterprise standards.

In recent years, due to the continuous occurrence of food hygiene and safety incidents such as mad cow disease and the falsification of food labels by large companies such as mad cow disease and Snowy Dairy in Japan, the Japanese people are extremely concerned about food hygiene. measures. If Chinese food exporters want to export to Japan, they must attach great importance to the hygiene and safety of their products.

Japan’s imported food hygiene quarantine mainly includes order inspection, a monitoring inspection, and inspection exemption. Mandatory inspection is a 100% inspection on a batch-by-batch basis for certain foods that are prone to residual harmful substances or are prone to contaminated with harmful organisms. Monitoring and inspection refer to a daily random inspection of imported food that is not subject to ordered inspection by the health and quarantine department according to a plan formulated by itself and within a certain time and scope. If a certain food from a certain country is found to contain a prohibited substance during surveillance inspections, similar food from that country may have to be ordered for inspection in the future. Imported food additives, food utensils, containers, packaging, etc. must also undergo sanitation and epidemic prevention inspections.

Moreover, the penalties for illegal acts in Japan are also very severe, especially in terms of food safety supervision. Violations may face heavier economic sanctions and severe criminal penalties. For example, those who fail to meet the access requirements for agricultural products, or those who counterfeit the JAS certification mark, will face one-year imprisonment and a heavier economic penalty once found.

Based on the above situation, although Chaozhou is a famous food and candy-producing area in China, as of April 2019, no Chaozhou candy companies and candy brands have been able to enter the Japanese market. Therefore, on April 17, 2019, the first batch of goods from Do's Farm was cleared at the Japanese customs port, and Japanese customers received the goods smoothly, announcing that Xinle Foods officially entered the Japanese market! At the same time, it also represents a new height for Chaozhou candy enterprises.

In fact, it has experienced some difficulties and obstacles for the products of Do’s Farm to enter the Japanese market, but our staff firmly believes that the products of Do’s Farm can meet the high level of Japanese requirements. With the professionalism of the company’s production, and the ” Dare to fight, dare to pursue, and persevere” spirit, and finally achieved success.

In March 2019, our salesman received an inquiry from a Japanese customer who expressed interest in our sugar-free mints and wanted to purchase our sugar-free mints. While feeling happy, the salesman also had some concerns that the product might be intercepted by the customs when it finally entered Japan, resulting in economic losses. However, our CEO encouraged the salesman: “We must have confidence in our own products! If it is really intercepted by the customs, it means that our products still need to be improved. No matter whether this transaction is successfully completed or not, we will We must strive to make our products the best!”

Under the instructions of the CEO, our staff has firm confidence, calmly faced the high standards and strict requirements of Japanese customers, and carefully communicated about product standards, ingredient inspection, and other matters, and finally, the customer decided to place an order. We deliver sugar-free mints to Japanese customs for customs clearance. During customs inspection of FDA samples, inspectors questioned a color indicator for our sugar-free mints. Our staff traced and checked all the links including raw materials, production process, packaging, and transportation, and it took more than two months to find the reason. In the end, they could only accept the result of Japanese customs destroying the whole batch of goods.

At this time, our CEO still did not give up and analyzed the cause of the problem together with the grassroots staff. Subsequently, our staff sincerely apologized to the customer, saying that our company will be responsible to the customer to the end and bear all the losses caused to the customer due to the quality of the customs inspection problem. We also invite customers to visit the company and explain that we will make a new batch of goods for customers free of charge, be responsible for all inspection costs throughout the process, and clarify our sincerity in cooperation. Impressed by our sincerity, Japanese customers sent their own staff to visit our company and expressed that they would not give up their cooperation with us because of the customs quality inspection.

Later, our staff adjusted the formula of the product and controlled the raw materials of the product with higher requirements, etc., and finally made a higher level of sugar-free mints, so they passed all the inspection procedures of the Japanese customs and went smoothly enter the Japanese market!

Our sugar-free mints can enter the Japanese market, relying on the company’s professional production capacity and the high professionalism of the staff. If you are willing to cooperate with us, we will provide you with the same high-level products. Welcome anytime Contact our salesman!

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