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Company news about Do’s Farm: Happy Children's Day!

Do’s Farm: Happy Children's Day!


Latest company news about Do’s Farm: Happy Children's Day!

Happy Children's Day!

Children's Day is a worldwide festival for children, and for children, Children's Day is an important festival. Children are the future of the country and the hope of the nation, so of course we should create a good social, family and learning environment for all children, so that they can grow up healthily and happily.

So, what is the origin of International Children's Day?

In August 1925, the International Association for the Promotion of Children's Happiness held its first conference and adopted the "Geneva Declaration on Safeguarding Children", advocating that all countries set a children's holiday. This initiative has been responded to by many countries in the world. The United Kingdom designated July 14 as Children's Day, the United States designated May 1 as Children's Day, Japan designated May 5 as Boys' Day, and March 3 as Girls' Day, and the government of the Republic of China has also designated April 4 as Children's Day... On the day of the festival, these countries will hold various celebrations.

June 1 International Children's Day was established by the Council of the International Federation of Democratic Women held in Moscow in November 1949. The reason for setting the date as June 1 is mainly to commemorate the Lidice massacre that occurred in June 1942.

In May 1942, the Nazi German general Heydrich, who massacred Czech patriots, was successfully assassinated by paratroopers sent by the Czech government-in-exile. The incident caused strong repercussions in Nazi Germany, who determined that villagers in the village of Lidice, 20 kilometers from the Czech capital Prague, supported the assassination. In order to take revenge, on June 4, the Gestapo surrounded Lidice village and began a massive search. On June 10, they concentrated on killing all 173 men over the age of 15 in the yard of the village chief, Horak. Women and children in the village were forcibly separated and sent to concentration camps, where 88 children were gassed by Nazi Germany. In the massacre, 340 people were killed. Only a few infants survived, but they were also sent to German families to receive Germanic education. By the end of the war, they could only speak German when they were partially recovered. The Lidice incident is a microcosm of what happens to children in situations of war.

In November 1949, the Council of the International Federation of Democratic Women was convened in Moscow, and the conference included "the question of the International Children's Day" as the fifth item on the agenda. Representatives from 35 countries attended the meeting, including the Soviet Union, China, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Albania, Germany, France, the United States, Austria, Denmark (Mike), Israel (Israel), India , Indonesia, Afghanistan (Algeria) and other countries. The Chinese representatives are Ding Ling, Li Peizhi, Xu Guangping and Gong Pusheng.

On November 21, Helen Gaporroso, a member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Women's Union, gave a report on International Children's Day. She pointed out that when the International Women's Federation established International Children's Day, it set itself the task of protecting the life, health, and education rights of children everywhere. To commemorate the 88 children in the Czech village of Lidice massacred by Nazi Germany in June 1942, on behalf of the Secretariat of the International Democratic Women's Federation, she suggested that June 1 should be designated as International Children's Day. The Soviet women's representative and vice-chairman of the International Federation of Educators, Bafinova, welcomed the above-mentioned actions of the International Women's Federation on behalf of the Federation. She said: On International Children's Day, the basic demands of all democratic organizations and progressive men and women around the world will be the prohibition of child labor, the protection of their health and life by the state, the guarantee of the minimum living needs of their parents and the reduction of military spending to increase support for State funding for children's needs.

On November 22, the General Assembly closed and unanimously adopted various resolutions. The resolution on International Children's Day reads: "...the status of children in capitalist, colonial and dependent countries has worsened. Children are the first victims of such imperialist policies. … Under these circumstances, the member groups of the International Democratic Women's Federation should fight resolutely for the improvement of children's lives. For this purpose, the Council of the International Democratic Women's Federation has decided to designate June 1 every year as International Children's Day."

In this way, June 1 International Children's Day was officially born!

As we all know, many children like to eat snacks, so on Children's Day, parents will buy some snacks for their children, so that children can spend the festival happily. However, there are some snacks on the market. If children eat too much, it is not good for their health. So, what kind of snacks can not only make children happy but also reassure parents? The milk tablets produced by our company are healthy and delicious, which is a wise choice for parents! Our milk flakes are made of high-quality New Zealand milk sources, no non-dairy creamer, no sucrose, colostrum, prebiotics, and calcium, which are rich in nutrients and healthy at the same time. In addition, our whole series of milk tablets are free of preservatives, colorings, and creamers, focusing on helping children's healthy nutrition. Especially our 81 milk tablet series products, milk powder content is as high as 81%, the product contains 8 times the calcium and 5 times the protein of milk, it is definitely the best Children's Day gift for parents.

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