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DO'S FARM Newest High Calcium Milk Tablet

August 4, 2020

Latest company news about DO'S FARM Newest High Calcium Milk Tablet

    Nowadays, there are more and more people pay high attention to healthy life. People start to keep fit every week, selecting low cal or sugar free foodstuff to keep a health habit and diet. There is no doubt that healthy foodstuff and sugar free item will be a big trend.


    To meet the requirements of consumers and follow the trend, we developed series of the healthy candy including: Sugar free mints, Vitamin C gummy candy, DHA+Zinc milk tablet, Vitamin D + Calcium milk tablet and the Prebiotics + dietary fiber milk tablet. 


    Here is the key point & competive advantage of our milk tablet:

  • 81% of New Zealand milk powder
  • 18.2g of protein of each 100g milk tablet, which is highest protein contains milk candy
  • Rich in Calium, DHA, Vitamin C , Vitamin D
  • Multi packing available for different sales channel
  • Help kids to grow healthier and stronger
  • Assist kid's digestive maintaining

    We are confident that our products will assist you to win a good sales due to its healthy function and sales potential. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.



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