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Company news about Do’s Farm: Select high-quality ingredients from Roquette

Do’s Farm: Select high-quality ingredients from Roquette


Latest company news about Do’s Farm: Select high-quality ingredients from Roquette

The Roquette Group was founded in 1933 and is a family business. It is the world's top (second in Europe, fifth in the world) starch deep processing enterprise, the world leader in the polyol industry, and the leader in maltodextrin, pyrogen-free raw materials, and cationic starch in the European market. In 2013, Roquette had a turnover of 3.4 billion euros. Roquette transforms renewable raw materials corn, wheat, potatoes, peas, and microalgae into high-quality food and industrial raw materials for a wide range of applications, serving the food and non-food industries around the world.

Roquette's more than 700 products for the market mainly cover starch products, fermentation, fine chemical products, polyol products, sugar, and soluble dietary fiber products, protein and its derivative products, fiber and oil products, Bioethanol, etc. It can be seen that Roquette covers a wide range of industries and high technological content. Among the more important areas are human nutrition, animal nutrition, medicine, paper and board, biochemistry, and high-performance plastics. The diversity of coverage areas reflects Roquette's innovative spirit and pursuit of diversity and quality products.

As early as the early 1950s, Roquette devoted himself to the study of the core characteristics of corporate strategy, which contributed to the diversification of corporate business to a large extent. The Roquette Group's research activities include the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, analytical controls, and the development of new technologies and applications.

Roquette has more than 300 professional research technicians and more than 5,000 patents. Every year, the research center has 25 to 30 patent applications, signed more than 100 research cooperation agreements, and established close cooperative relations with universities and laboratories around the world.

Roquette has been focusing on nutritional health and plant-based chemical research and is pursuing new business opportunities in sustainable and renewable agricultural resources, including microalgae.

At Roquette, maintaining the highest quality standards has become a way of life. Roquette's quality philosophy has been rooted in all aspects of its production process, full traceability of renewable raw materials, production technology and processing technology that meet the most stringent standards, high purity, and environmental protection, all of which make Roquette The products provided to customers are of impeccable quality. The creation of classic quality is inseparable from Roquette's quality policy, which aims to continuously improve product performance, improve customer service and support, and continue to develop corporate expertise.

The Roquette Group has 21 production sites in Europe, Asia, and North America. The sales network covers more than 100 countries around the world, and 8,000 employees provide products, technical support, and services to more than 5,000 customers to meet customers' ever-increasing requirements for supplier reliability and quality.

Roquette's official website maintains that life and nature have been their inspirations for decades. All of Roquette's raw materials are of natural origin. They enable a whole new type of plant-based protein cuisine; deliver pharmaceutical solutions that play a key role in healthcare; and develop innovative ingredients for the food, nutrition, and health markets. They truly unlock the potential of nature to improve, heal and save lives.

Based on the recognition of the quality of Roquette's products, we have chosen Roquette as the main raw material supplier for our products. We have truly achieved the premise and guarantee of high-quality products from the raw materials of the products. On April 30, 2019, our Xinle company signed a strategic partnership with Roquette. As a strategic partner, Xinle will give priority to all Roquette's patented technologies. At the same time, we have also jointly established a research and development laboratory to jointly develop new products that meet future trends. We always insist on cooperating with world-class leading suppliers to develop and manufacture new products that meet future trends and provide the most solid service guarantee for all our cooperative customers.

The total amount of raw materials we purchase from Roquette Company is about 5,000 tons a year. Among them, sorbitol is one of the important raw materials for sugar-free mints. Our sugar-free mints are available in a variety of flavors, specifications, and packaging designs. In terms of flavors, we have launched a variety of fruit-flavored sugar-free mints, as well as some floral-flavored sugar-free mints. For example, fruit flavors include watermelon, lemon, mango, peach, strawberry, passion fruit, grapefruit, etc.; floral flavors include cherry blossom, rose, and roselle. In addition to the single flavors, we also have several sugar-free mints in combination flavors, for example, combining two flavors, Caman and Blackcurrant, in the same sugar-free mint. No matter what flavor the customer wants, we can basically meet the customer's needs. In terms of specifications, we have launched individual small packages of sugar-free mints ranging from 7.16 grams to 41.6 grams to meet the various needs of customers. At the same time, we also accept the customized needs of customers. In terms of packaging, we have designed a variety of packaging methods such as plastic triangular bottles, bags, iron boxes, hand-held car-mounted, and lipstick-type packaging. Similarly, we can carry out new packaging designs according to the customized needs of customers.

If you also recognize the quality of Roquette's products and would like to sell sugar-free mints or other products made from raw materials produced by Roquette, please contact us! We can provide corresponding services according to your needs!

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