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Company news about DOSFARM Passed ISO22000 Certification, Complete Quality Management System

DOSFARM Passed ISO22000 Certification, Complete Quality Management System


Latest company news about DOSFARM Passed ISO22000 Certification, Complete Quality Management System

Under the current situation of constantly emerging food safety problems, manufacturers who have established a food safety management system based on the ISO22000 standard can prove their ability to control food safety hazards to the society through self-declaration of their effectiveness and evaluation results from third-party organizations, to continuously and stably provide final products that meet food safety requirements to meet customers’ food safety requirements. As we all know, food safety requirements come first. It not only directly affects consumers but also directly or indirectly affects the reputation of food production, transportation, and sales organizations or other related organizations. Therefore, in 2016, we applied for ISO22000 certification, passed the audit of a third-party organization, and obtained the certificate. Generally, the ISO22000 certificate is valid for 3 years; but the premise is that the enterprise must accept the supervision and audit of the certification body, that is, the annual audit. The frequency of supervision and audit is generally once every 12 months, that is, once a year, so it is called annual audit. Some enterprises may be special, and the certification body requires an annual review every 6 months or 10 months; if the annual review or certificate renewal is not overdue, the certificate will expire or become invalid and cannot be used normally. Now in 2022, it is time to renew the license, and at the same time, we have also added categories such as dietary supplements and dairy products. Therefore, according to our actual situation, we submit a certification application in accordance with the regulations, and fill in the “ISO/HACCP System Certification Application Form”.

We submit relevant information according to the requirements of the certification body when applying for it. The certification body conducts a preliminary review of the information submitted by us and decides to accept our certification application. After that, the certification body set up an audit team and entered the data technical audit stage. Then, according to the audit situation, the agency decided to go to our production site for an initial visit to gain a preliminary understanding of the operation of our HACCP system and collect information for the reliability of the audit. Based on document review and initial visit, prepare the ISO/HACCP system on-site audit plan.

The audit team consists of team leaders, auditors, and professional auditors. They attend our meetings and conduct on-site audits according to the audit plan. Through on-site observation, record review, questioning, random inspection, etc., the on-site audit shall be put forward for review opinions, the audit evidence shall be summarized, the audit results shall be communicated, and the certification audit report shall be prepared. The audit team gave us the audit and concluded that it is recommended to pass the certification.

Passing the ISO22000 certification shows that our quality management system has been in line with international standards, and we are qualified and capable to enter the international market. Customers who choose to buy our products can fully guarantee the product quality, and customers can trust us more. At the same time, the practice of the quality management system can effectively control the whole process and service of the contract, thereby greatly improving the contract performance rate. This is conducive to the continuous improvement of the services we provide to our customers, and also improves customer satisfaction with our services. Possessing the ISO22000/HACCP certificate is also in line with the good corporate image we have always displayed to the outside world, reflecting our specialization, modernization, and internationalization.

We not only meet the requirements and standards when we are audited but also implement the control of product quality and safety levels in peacetime. Our product production department has a special quality system document, which regulates the work of each employee according to the document that controls the details very strictly. And each of our employees must carry out work by the requirements of the procedural documents, which is one of the quantitative indicators for evaluating the effectiveness and will also affect the performance appraisal of relevant employees. Therefore, every employee will seriously carry out strict quality control of part of the process that he is responsible for.

At the same time, we will also conduct self-correction through rolling quality internal audits, which can achieve layer-by-layer audits, cross-audits, etc. There is a mechanism for constantly finding problems, solving them, and continuously improving and improving. There are basically no problems affecting the quality system.

The control of the quality and safety system is also inseparable from our process-based work specifications, and a traceability system can be implemented. The quality of our products is guaranteed through the process of work specifications. For any unqualified products, the reasons for the unqualified products must be identified, which can be effectively traced back to the responsible person. There is a clear reward and punishment system in our company, which will punish irresponsible employees according to the specific situation, which can play a role in improving the quality awareness of employees. For repeated failures, our quality inspectors will focus on track, make a good result in the form of quality cases or quality analysis meetings, and educate employees on facts.

In a word, our insistence on product quality and safety is due to the emphasis on the reputation of the DOSFARM brand by the management and grass-roots employees. Every staff member of DOSFARM hopes that our products are high-quality, safe, and worthy of customers’ trust. If you recognize our rigorous attitude towards product quality and safety and want to provide high-quality products to your customers, please feel free to contact us!

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