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Company news about Enriched with 81% whole Milk Powder to help Children GROW UP Healthily

Enriched with 81% whole Milk Powder to help Children GROW UP Healthily


Latest company news about Enriched with 81% whole Milk Powder to help Children GROW UP Healthily
The growth of children is a major concern for every parent. It used to be thought that whole milk powder increases saturated fat and calorie intake and may provide cardiovascular disease risk, but there is no current study to prove that saturated fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease or obesity. Instead, it can provide the following benefits:

Increase absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids

Drinking whole milk powder can also increase the intake of fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamin D), and the content of short and medium-chain fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids in whole milk is also high, and these nutrients will be in skim. It is removed along with the grease during the process.

Helps control weight and reduce the risk of metabolic disease

Some people avoid whole milk powder because of their “fear of being fat,” but in fact, most studies have found that eating high-fat dairy products (such as whole milk) is actually associated with a lower risk of obesity. The possible reason is that fat defense can prolong satiety and contains a good source of fatty acids, which can help regulate weight and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Relevant studies have shown that children are in a period of rapid growth and development, and need a lot of high-quality protein, calcium, and other nutrients. Preschool children aged 2-5 should consume 350-500g of liquid milk or an equivalent amount of dairy products per day. School-age children should consume liquid milk every day. The intake should not be less than 300g and increased appropriately, and you can choose liquid milk, yogurt, milk slices, cheese, or milk powder.

Raw materials of milk tablets: milk powder imported from New Zealand, colostrum/DHA/prebiotics, etc.

Based on the nutritional value of milk and dairy products, Dosfarm has launched milk tablets with a milk powder content of up to 81% and added colostrum, prebiotics, DHA, milk mineral salts, and other nutrients to the milk tablets, which can be used for pregnant women, nursing mothers, Children provide richer nutritional supplements. We hope that the mother's love can be condensed in every "Urban Ranch" milk tablet. Urban Ranch has created a new height in the category of milk tablets and launched the first "extra thick milk tablets", which adopt high standards to create high-quality milk tablets. Our milk tablets are made with high-quality formulas that are superior to international standards: milk powder imported from New Zealand, colostrum/DHA/prebiotics, etc. We are committed to providing consumers with formulas that are simpler, more scientific, and safer. Our milk tablets are imported from New Zealand, the milk powder content is as high as 81%, and the calcium content is as high as 800mg/100g, which is higher than 99% of similar products on the market.

In terms of the added ingredients of milk tablets, we choose to add bovine colostrum because bovine colostrum contains precious active immunoglobulin and rich milk calcium, protein, various trace elements, and other nutrients, known as the "21st century" The King of Immunity". It has the functions of enhancing resistance and immunity, promoting growth and development, improving IQ, enhancing physical fitness, improving exercise performance, and regulating intestinal flora.

We also added DHA, a brain supplement suitable for all ages, to strengthen immune regulation, help enhance memory and thinking ability, improve intelligence, promote healthy vision, and protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

We also added prebiotics to the milk tablets. Prebiotics generally refer to some organic substances that are not digested and absorbed by the host but can selectively promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria in the body, thereby improving the health of the host. In order to maintain the microecological balance of the intestinal flora, supplementation of probiotics or prebiotics can be adopted. However, probiotics have the ability to maintain their vitality (destroyed when passing through the digestive tract) and colonize the gastrointestinal tract. Poor, short residence time and other disadvantages. Prebiotics overcome these shortcomings and become a leader in intestinal microecological balance regulators.

In addition to the nutritional value mentioned above, we also took into account the taste of the milk slices. 81 Milk Flakes are not only available in original milk flavors, but also in vanilla ice cream and strawberry flavors. Vanilla ice cream flavored milk slices, with an excellent fusion of vanilla and milk flavors, pleasant sweetness, and delicate and smooth taste. As for many children's favorite strawberry flavors, it can be perfectly combined with the rich milky flavor, so that children can take the initiative to eat in a happy mood while supplementing nutrition.

Regarding the packaging of milk products, we use independent pure aluminum packaging to ensure product quality. Aluminum foil is light and shiny, has a strong reverse ability, has good barrier properties, and is airtight. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability to water vapor and temperature, stable shape at high or low temperatures, strong shading, and excellent fragrance retention, so aluminum foil bags have a good barrier, moisture resistance, light protection, and penetration resistance. It can fully guarantee the quality and safety of our milk products.

In addition, we also have related milk tablets and milk stick products, you can click the link to learn about the products.

If you are interested in the above-mentioned milk products rich in various nutrients, please feel free to contact our salesman! We accept OEM&ODM and can provide you with the specified milk product packaging specifications, flavors, and added elements. Looking forward to working with you!

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