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Company news about FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures and Predictions

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures and Predictions


Latest company news about FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures and Predictions

FIFA World Cup 2022: All results, scores, and points table

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will see a total of 32 top national teams from five different confederations vie for the title of football world champions from November 20 to December 18.


The 2022 FIFA World Cup will follow a familiar format with the 32 teams having been divided into eight groups - Group A to H - of four teams each. The teams in each group will face off in a single-headed round-robin format in the group stage of the competition.

The groups at the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 are as follows:

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales

Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

Group D: France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia

Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan

Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea


After the group stage, top two teams from each of the eight groups will move on to the knockout phase, which begins with the Round of 16.

The final will be played on December 18 while the third-place match is slotted for the previous day in the FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule. All matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be played across eight venues in and around Doha.


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FIFA World Cup 2022 results: Round of 16 results

December 3, Saturday

Netherlands (Memphis Depay 10', Daley Blind 45+1', Denzel Dumfries 81') 3-1 USA (Haji Wright 76')

December 4, Sunday

Argentina (Lionel Messi 35', Julian Alvarez 57') 2-1 Australia (Enzo Fernandez OG 77')

France (Olivier Giroud 44', Kylian Mbappe 74', 90+1') 3-1 Poland (Robert Lewandowski 90+9')

December 5, Monday

England (Jordan Henderson 38', Harry Kane 45+3', Bukayo Saka 57') 3-0 Senegal

Japan (Daizen Maeda 43') 1(1)-1(3) Croatia (Ivan Perisic 55') - penalties

December 6, Tuesday

Brazil (Vinicius Jr 7', Neymar 13', Richarlison 29', Paqueta 36') 4-1 South Korea (Palik Seung-ho 76')

Morocco 0(3)-0(0) vs Spain - penalties

December 7, Wednesday

Portugal (Gonçalo Ramos 17, 51, 67, Pepe 33, Raphaël Guerreiro 55, Rafael Leão 90+2) 6-1 Switzerland (Manuel Akanji 58')


FIFA World Cup 2022 results: Quarter-finals results

Quarter-final 1: December 9, Friday

Croatia vs Brazil

Quarter-final 2: December 10, Saturday

Netherlands vs Argentina

Quarter-final 3: December 10, Saturday

Morocco vs Portugal

Quarter-final 4: December 11, Sunday

England vs France

FIFA World Cup 2022 results: Semi-finals results

Semi-final 1: December 14, Wednesday

Semi-final 2: December 15, Thursday

FIFA World Cup 2022 results: Third-place playoff result

3rd place playoff: December 17, Saturday


FIFA World Cup 2022 results: Final result

Final: December 18, Sunday



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Just today

The battle between Croatia vs Brazil is about to begin.


From the perspective of the overall analysis, Croatia played quite well in the group stage. They won 1 win and 2 draws in 3 group matches. They were undefeated. They scored 4 goals and conceded 1 goal. is very solid. Although Croatia is a strong team in the world, it will never be in the spotlight. It will not be the protagonist, but will be a supporting role.

In the last round of the match against Japan, Croatia successfully withstood Japan's offensive. Because they paid enough attention to the midfield and defense, the two teams fought 1:1 in 120 minutes and ended up with a penalty kick. The advantage successfully advanced to the quarterfinals. This kind of tactic that focuses on defense and supplements offense is even more powerful against offensive teams. This round, Croatia is facing five-star Brazil, and the opponent's attack is still their strength, so using familiar old tactics is more effective. .

Due to the talent blowout of the Brazilian team in recent years, the teams encountered in this World Cup are weaker in terms of skills, tactics and strength. In the last round of the match against South Korea, they had already established a 4-goal advantage at halftime, and Neymar returned from injury and also successfully scored a goal. At present, his international league goals have reached 76, which is only one point away from the record of 77 goals by the king of Pele. In this game, Neymar is likely to keep pace with Pele. Or take it beyond.

Based on comprehensive analysis, various organizations in this campaign generally give a position of one and a half thresholds, and there is almost no change in the follow-up. It is close to the Arabian Nights for Croatia to win. After all, Brazils attention and strength match the current support. However, Croatias previous games showed With good toughness and unbeaten previous games, Croatia is optimistic about keeping the goal and losing at most one goal.


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There is also another ball game: Netherlands vs Argentina.


The Netherlands is currently ranked 8th in FIFA, and the team is worth 587 million euros. The team is not optimistic about the team in this World Cup, but as the competition gradually deepens, the team performed well. In the first round of the group stage team 2:0 Senegal, In addition, team 1:1 Ecuador, in the final round of the group stage, team 2:0 host Qatar advanced to the round of 16. In the round of 16, the team faced the United States, and finally, with the outstanding performance of Dumfries, it was 3:1 Winning the United States, the team currently has 3 wins and 1 tie. Although the team does not have many big-name stars in the team, the overall performance is still stable enough.


Argentina currently ranks third in FIFA. The team is worth 645 million euros. Messi is a big star on the team. In addition, the team is also the favorite to win the World Cup. There must be many friends who are optimistic about Argentina. Although the team is the first Lost to Saudi Arabia 1:2 in the round of the group stage, the team performed very well in the next game, 2:0 Mexico, 2:0 Poland advanced to the round of 16. In the round of 16, the team faced Australia. In the end, the team defeated Australia 2:1 and advanced to the top 8. This game will usher in a game against the Netherlands.


From the current point of view of the two teams, the Netherlands is not the most popular team in this World Cup, while Argentina is the favorite to win the championship. In addition, the two teams have Messi and Van Dijk. If the team is stable enough, Argentina's Messi will naturally receive a lot of attention from the Netherlands, but the team also has many young players. From the current point of view, I personally feel that Argentina can solve the battle within 90 minutes.

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