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Company news about Guangdong Xinle Foods Co.,Ltd. Participated in the 131st Canton Fair Online

Guangdong Xinle Foods Co.,Ltd. Participated in the 131st Canton Fair Online


Latest company news about Guangdong Xinle Foods Co.,Ltd. Participated in the 131st Canton Fair Online

On April 15th, the 131st Canton Fair officially opened. As an important channel of China's foreign trade and an important node of China Unicom's domestic and international dual circulation, the Canton Fair is an important platform to serve China's all-around opening to the outside world. We actively participate in the Canton Fair, expand domestic and foreign markets through webcasting new formats, and seek market opportunities.


We are Guangdong Xinle Food Co., Ltd., dedicated to producing healthy and delicious candy, our own brand is "Dos Farm", the main products are tablet candy products and milk products. We have many years of experience in foreign trade and business, and our products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions. Our factory will select high-quality raw material suppliers to ensure that the products are of high quality. We have 23,000 square meters of GMP system production workshop and more than 400 well-trained staff. Among them, there are more than 150 sales elites who can help customers, increase sales and gain more profits. At the same time, we have a professional quality control team to ensure that every product is produced according to the cleanest and safest standards. We also have a professional R&D team that can provide customized products according to the needs of customers, such as providing unique flavors or adding specified nutrients to the products. In addition, since our factory is owned by our own company, we can offer our customers the best possible price. At present, we have passed HACCP, ISO22000, CQI, HALAL, AEO, and other quality system certifications.


From April 15th to April 23rd, we published posts on multiple social platforms for publicity, informing customers of the specific schedule of the live broadcast. At the same time, we also introduced the live broadcast content, mainly company introduction, product introduction, and production workshop introduction. It is worth mentioning that customers who come to our live broadcast room can enjoy exclusive promotions. If customers place an order during the Canton Fair, we can give customers a 3% discount. We also welcome the audience in the live room to introduce new customers to cooperate with us. Under the premise of meeting some conditions, we can give the audience a $5000 thank-gift, which can be used to offset the audience's order payment amount. In addition, we also give away some discount coupons to the audience: under the premise of the total order amount of $25000 to $50000, you can enjoy a discount coupon of $1000; under the premise of the total order amount of $50001 to $120000, you can enjoy a discount coupon of $2500; the total order amount a $5000 discount coupon is available for purchases over $12,000. The above promotions have some corresponding specific restrictions, and we reserve all the right of interpretation.


During the live broadcast, we introduced recent new products: Lipstick Shaped Sugar-Free Mint Series, Car Sugar-Free Mint Series, and Effervescent Tablet Series. The product concept for the Lipstick Shape Mints is to focus on "She". Our market research department has discovered that young women in the new era have unique needs in terms of consumption. They will pay more attention to choosing healthy and fashionable products. Therefore, we launched a new lipstick-shaped sugar-free mint and added some nutrients that are beneficial to women's health in the raw materials of the product. This lipstick-shaped sugar-free mint series has three flavors: roselle cranberry flavor, which adds collagen; red-rose pomegranate flavor, which adds sodium hyaluronate; cherry blossom white peach flavor, which adds Prebiotics. The product concept of the car sugar-free mint series is focused on "Driving". As we all know, drivers need a lot of concentration when driving a car. Therefore, by optimizing the raw materials of mint products, this sugar-free mint product series has a more significant refreshing function. This collection includes two flavors, one is Energetic Mint-Passion Fruit and the other is Caman Mint-Blackcurrant. They vary in taste, but all contain the body-friendly vitamin C ingredient.


As for the effervescent tablet product series, based on the current global epidemic situation, we found that people will pay more attention to their own health, and the global health care product market is showing a growing trend. Studies have shown that most Americans (85%) have begun to pay attention to their physical health because of the epidemic, and both nutritional supplement users and non-users report that they have cultivated some healthy habits throughout the epidemic. The Marketing Department report found that more than two in five (43%) dietary supplement users have changed their supplement habits since the start of the pandemic. Of those who changed their treatment regimen due to COVID-19, 91% reported increased supplement intake, which included adding new supplements to their existing routine (46%); more often taking the same supplement (25%); or increasing the dose (22%). Relevant data show that in 2019, the size of China's functional food market reached US$59.82 billion. During the COVID-19 period, the market size has grown rapidly, reaching $76.14 billion in 2020, a 1.25-fold increase over 2019. In terms of the market, it is estimated that the size of China's functional food market will exceed 400 billion US dollars in 2030. Therefore, we followed the general trend of the market and catered to the needs of consumers, and launched a series of effervescent tablets with health functions. Our effervescent tablet product series not only combines functional requirements but also solves the problem of taste. We have launched fruit-flavored bubble VC tablets and compound VB tablets, including lemon-flavored VC tablets, orange-flavored VC tablets, grapefruit-flavored VB tablets, and cola-flavored VB tablets. All of the above products have great market potential. Customers from all over the world are welcome to contact us for more details.


This live broadcast of the Canton Fair has attracted the attention of a large number of new and old customers, and more than 20 interested customers are negotiating. Thanks to the attention of new and old customers from all over the world, and the support of the organizers of the Canton Fair, this live broadcast event was successfully completed. We are looking forward to meeting with importers from all over the world offline to discuss cooperation matters during the next Canton Fair.

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