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Company news about Halal Policy of Guangdong Xinle Foods Co.,Ltd.

Halal Policy of Guangdong Xinle Foods Co.,Ltd.


Latest company news about Halal Policy of Guangdong Xinle Foods Co.,Ltd.

      As we all know, there are more than 2 billions of Islam in the world. Halal is a very sensitive issue in muslim country. As for a candy manufacturer, Xinle Foods has this responsiblity to provide Halal and safety food to Muslim people.


      Apart from this, there is a new policy from Indonesia that all of the retails food which with its own brand must have the certification of MUI(Majelis Ulama Indonesia) when export to Indonesia.


      It's well know that Indonesia is the largest Muslim community in the world, about 90% , more than 250 millions of people are muslim. So we have this responsibility and obligation to apply for the MUI certification to prove that the products we made is Halal.


      We contacted MUI office and submitted the application to MUI, took part in professional MUI Halal training and do the internal training in our factory. Selecting excellent raw materials supplier from all over the world to get the best and Halal raw materials.


       As for the production, we assigned a specific machine as our Halal machines which only produces the goods for Muslim. In asepct of our wareshousing, we divided general area and Halal products area. In addition, we also set up a supply chain & logistic department to track the goods from production, warehousing, and loading. To make sure our goods is safety and Halal totally. 


        Xinle Foods will strictly focus on the quality of our products, to provide the best quality and Halal foods for our Muslim customers.

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