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Company news about International Kissing Day: Did You Kiss Today?

International Kissing Day: Did You Kiss Today?


Latest company news about International Kissing Day: Did You Kiss Today?

World Kissing Day, also known as International Kissing Day, falls on July 6 every year. The festival was first initiated by the British and was recognized by the United Nations in 1991. On this day every year, various kissing contests are held in many cities around the world, which has become a warm landscape.

Kissing is an ancient and popular way of showing love and sweet enjoyment. Modern psychology tells people that 93% of women expect their lover to kiss them, and men also like to kiss the woman they love. On this day every year, various kissing contests are held in many cities, with the Russian city Moscow being the most famous, and the men and women participating in the contest have the opportunity to win various prizes and gifts.

The history of kissing began around 3000 BC when ancient people kissed the gods when they worshipped them. In ancient Rome, not only friends and family members but also merchants and passersby were kissed to show their welcome. In the Middle Ages, this kind of meeting ceremony was not only constrained by interpersonal relationships, but also by social class. The lower the social status, the further the kiss is from the face. Kiss the lips of those who are of equal rank, kiss the hands of those who are of a higher rank, kiss the knees of those who are of a higher rank, and kiss the insteps of those who are insignificant before them (first of all, the clergy), Even the ground at his feet. In Italy, a man must marry a girl who kisses in public.

Regarding the source of kissing, the "feeding theory" is highly recognized. In early human societies, mothers chewed food in their mouths and delivered them mouth-to-mouth to their babies. If this is true, then human kissing is a model of self-taught and self-taught. Others believe that kissing has something to do with the ancient habit of rubbing noses against each other. Mongolians, Eskimos, and other people have the custom of rubbing their noses, which is consistent with the mutual smell of some animals. It's no wonder that nowadays, there are always curious people asking, "Does your nose touch when you kiss?" or "What if you touch your nose when you kiss?" Others explain the source of the kiss as jealousy. It is said that the narrow-minded men of ancient times went out hunting, always worried that their wives would drink and have fun with others. So when he got home, he first put his tongue in his wife's mouth to check for the smell of alcohol and other suspicious foods.

There is another saying in Italy, saying that it was the Italians who first invented wine. Because of its scarcity, only male owners could drink it, and women were strictly forbidden to drink alcohol. So the first thing a man does when he goes out is to smell his wife's lips: Did she drink it secretly? Over time, it developed into a kiss.

The earliest records of kissing appear in 1500 BC. The Vedas, written in Sanskrit in India, describes a habit and etiquette when people meet each other: rubbing and pressing their noses. To this day, the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand maintain this nose-to-nose "kissing" ritual. In the 6th century AD, the Indian Book of Proverbs made a comprehensive description of kissing. Classifies kissing between lovers and describes how the kissee should respond if kissed. Westerners kiss the gods when they worship them. By the time of ancient Rome, people kissed not only friends and family members but also merchants and passers-by as a welcome gesture.

In modern times, kissing has become a common way of expressing love in the West. Between two people who know each other well, kissing is a way to meet say hello or say bye-bye, which is equivalent to a handshake in social etiquette.

So, what should you do to prepare before kissing? The answer is, fresh breath so that kissing is not awkward. Kissing is scented, and love is sweeter. Eating an Do’s Farm Kiss Me sugar-free mint will eliminate bad breath, make kissing more enjoyable, and shorten the distance between people close to you.

In addition to being able to sweeten kisses, it can remove bad breath and maintain a fragrant breath for hours, giving the mouth a refreshing feeling, removing greasy, and making people feel instantly happy. Kiss Me Sugar-Free Mints use a sugar-free formula, so consumers don't have to worry about fat accumulation, they can relax and enjoy the fresh taste of sugar-free mints. Kiss Me Sugar-Free Mints are made with sorbitol and have 0 sugar content. Sorbitol does not need to be digested by pancreatic islets but is absorbed through the stomach and intestines, the blood sugar level does not increase, and it does not increase the load of islet cells. Even diabetic patients can eat it. In addition to adopting the fashionable formula of "0" sugar, which improves the experience of sugar substitution, so that the restless mouth can enjoy the good taste without worrying about the negative impact on the body, we also add healthy elements such as vitamin C, which make it more beneficial to the health of the consumer. In addition, Kiss Me sugar-free mints have undergone multiple inspections, are guaranteed by food safety certification, and have also obtained national-level safety certification. Kiss Me sugar-free mints, using natural raw materials, cooperate with Roquette, an internationally renowned food raw material supplier, with excellent product quality. This is a product where the emotional function is higher than the product function.

The positioning of Kiss Me sugar-free mint products captures the characteristics of the younger generation, that is, the Z generation, with convenient, interactive, and social attributes. The younger generation has strong social needs, and products with more emotional and social attributes will be more in line with the product purchase needs of Generation Z. Generation Z is mostly only children and has experienced a lot of loneliness since childhood, so they have a strong desire to socialize. The great development of the Internet has not only allowed Generation Z to make many friends in the virtual space but also brought them spiritual healing and warmth in various ways. Studies have shown that pets bring an irreplaceable sense of companionship to Generation Z. Many young people are looking for cute pets to accompany them in their lonely lives, so various consumption related to cute pets has also arisen.

Considering that young people like cute pets, we printed our original IP on the product packaging, Dudu cat, the cute kitten is presented as a girlfriend, and the coquetry and sweetness between couples are expressed through anthropomorphism. The lively and playful sentences are in line with the social needs of Generation Z. In terms of packaging, we have launched two different materials of packaging. One is a small triangular color bottle design exclusively pioneered by Do’s Farm, and the other is a very textured rectangular iron box design. It is a small box, which can be carried in a small bag or in the pocket of clothes. The opening design can be opened and closed repeatedly, so it is not afraid of spills. It is very clean and hygienic, and it is resistant to falling and moisture.

The Kiss Me small color bottle product series is available in three flavors, watermelon, peach, and Carman orange. The product specification of this product series is 21.8 grams * 6 bottles * 12 boxes. The Kiss Me tin box product series also has three flavors, namely orange blossom grapefruit flavor, white peach oolong flavor, and rose raspberry flavor. The product specification is 22.5 grams * 12 bottles * 4 boxes.

In terms of products, we have been insisting on innovation, gaining insight into the consumer market, and constantly iterating and updating our products, so as to rejuvenate our brand and adapt to the needs of the future market. If you also want to seize the market demand of the younger generation and achieve business success, please contact us!

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