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Company news about New Arrival: Bubble Filled Sugar-Free Mints

New Arrival: Bubble Filled Sugar-Free Mints


Latest company news about New Arrival: Bubble Filled Sugar-Free Mints

This article will introduce you to our new arrival of the month: Bubble Filled Sugar-Free Mints! This new product is mainly based on our Center Filling Sugar-free Mints, with technological innovation and taste changes.

Our Bubble Filled Sugar-Free Mints use a unique technology that precisely locates the center and perfectly infuses the delicious Bubble Filling ingredients into the middle of the mint. Each bubble-filled sugar-free mint is made by composite pressing after multiple production processes, which can lock the center-filled ingredients and ensure the unique taste of the bubble-filled sugar-free mint. Our factory is equipped with 100,000-level medical equipment, in a clean and safe GMV standard workshop of more than 23,000 square meters, to ensure the high quality of each bubble-filled sugar-free mint.

In terms of flavors, there are two flavors of bubble-filled sugar-free mints. The first flavor is small lime mixed with passion fruit, and the second is a fresh peach flavor. Both fruit flavors are delicious and refreshing.

The combination of “bubble + candy” of bubble-filled sugar-free mints is due to the fact that sparkling water products are widely welcomed by young people, and various bubble drinks have flooded the domestic and foreign markets. As a substitute for carbonated beverages, sparkling water not only has healthier ingredients but also retains the stimulating, refreshing taste and richer flavor of carbonated beverages. The advantages of bubbly flavors are mainly three-fold. First of all, from a sensory point of view, the moment when the bubble bursts on the tip of the tongue, brings a tingling feeling. This is because the bubble will stimulate people’s trigeminal nerve, which corresponds to the nose and mouth. After the nerve endings receive stimulation, it will prompt the brain to generate signals, resulting in a slightly stimulating numbness and pleasure, which makes people unable to stop. Secondly, from the perspective of flavor experience, bubbles are often combined with cooling ingredients such as lemon and mint. After eating, there is a strong cooling feeling and a refreshing effect, which is very suitable for summer. At the same time, bubbles can be combined with various flavors, whether traditional flavors such as fruit, milk, or chocolate, or emerging flavors such as floral, botanical, fermentation, alcohol, etc., can be perfectly mixed with bubbles. Finally, there is the fact that bubbles have healthy functional properties. Carbon dioxide gas can promote blood circulation, improve the adsorption capacity of dietary fiber, and block the absorption of sugar and fat, so as to achieve the effect of losing weight. When carbon dioxide gas is released from the body, it will also take away a lot of heat in the body, so eating foods with a lot of bubbles in summer will have good heatstroke prevention and cooling effect. As for this bubble-filled sugar-free mint that we launched, it can make people feel like drinking sparkling water when they eat it, with the refreshing feeling of bubbles popping in the mouth.

In terms of product packaging, the bubble filled sugar-free mints continue the design of the original center-filled sugar-free mints. The packaging bottle of bubble filled sugar-free mints still adopts a shape that is easy to hold with one hand, and the prismatic line design shows a gorgeous and neat style. The lid also maintains the original design that can be opened with one hand, taking into account the usage scenarios of consumers who need to open and close the lid with one hand when driving.

In terms of nutritional content, Bubble Filled Sugar-Free Mints are fortified with vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that has important functions in the human body, such as the normal functioning of the immune system, antioxidant capacity, and the promotion of various functions, from iron absorption to the normal formation of collagen to support blood vessels, bones, Normal function of teeth, skin, heart, and gums, etc. Specifically, vitamin C can enhance the stress ability of immune cells and can prevent and treat various acute and chronic infectious diseases or other diseases such as colds. Vitamin C can also improve the metabolism of fats and lipids, especially cholesterol, prevent heart disease, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, and also promote the metabolism of tyrosine and tryptophan in amino acids, effectively prolonging the life of cells and bodies. Studies have shown that vitamin C can reduce the standardized mortality rate of various diseases, and the effect is more significant in men.

Of course, the most distinctive feature of bubble filled sugar-free mints is that they are specially designed for “driving people” to refresh themselves and add enough mint ingredients. Peppermint is known to have a great refreshing effect. In addition, eating mints can help digestion! The smell of mint has a relieving effect on the digestive tract and respiratory tracts, such as nausea, indigestion, constipation, and abdominal distension. You can eat mint properly, which can help relieve the symptoms of discomfort and become more energetic. Eating mints often has the effect of strengthening the body. In medicine, mint leaves have the functions of dissipating heat, clearing the throat, reducing inflammation, dissipating wind, and dissipating heat.

To sum up, our Bubble Filled Sugar-free Mints are a potential snack product that combines deliciousness and health. The specifications of these bubble filled sugar-free mints are 41.6g per bottle, 6 bottles in a small box, and 8 small boxes in a carton. The minimum order quantity is 100,000 bottles. After our salesman confirms the deposit with you, the warehouse will deliver the goods within 15-20 days. Products are shipped with specific package numbers 1650 CTN/20 GP and 3750 CTN/40 HQ. We accept TT or L/C payment methods. If you are interested in this product, you are welcome to connect with our salesman at any time!

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