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Company news about New Product Recommendation - Center Filling Sugar-free Mint Candy

New Product Recommendation - Center Filling Sugar-free Mint Candy


Latest company news about New Product Recommendation - Center Filling Sugar-free Mint Candy

Guangdong Xinle Foods Co., Ltd. recently released a new car-loaded sugar-free mint. This sugar-free mint uses a center-filled mint process. One candy contains two flavors. One bite has two flavors, which can bring a unique experience to the mouth. This unique car-mounted sugar-free mint product has undergone more than 1,800 days of repeated research, 281 trials, and polishing, and has also obtained 7 national-level patents.

From the perspective of the outer packaging, the bottle is a hand-held bottle, designed with prismatic lines, presenting a magnificent and cool style. The design of the lid of this sugar-free mint takes into account the driver's usage scenario so that the driver can open and close the lid with only one hand when driving. This design concept based on usage scenarios is also one of the main selling points of this sugar-free mint. After professional research, our marketing department found that the daily scene of "driving" has great market potential. Many people have their own cars. In addition, there is an industry of "drivers". The consumption target is very large and it is worth the company. Invest time and money in research. We also sincerely welcome dealers around the world to work with us to sell this sugar-free mint product to every "car owner".

As far as the candy itself is concerned, our company's R&D department has been focusing on the research and development of this sugar-free mint for 5 years. The R&D department uses an original process and uses image positioning technology to produce this sugar-free mint. This technology can precisely locate the center of the candy, coupled with multiple production processes, compound pressing the candy tablet, which can lock the center and ensure the taste and layering of the mint. During mass production, the production workshop uses 100,000-grade pharmaceutical-grade equipment to ensure that each sugar-free mint candy is of high quality.

In terms of product flavors, we have launched two flavors, one is the refreshing mint + passion fruit flavor in the blue packaging, and the other is the Carmen orange mint + blackcurrant flavor in the yellow packaging. As for the product ingredients, both flavors have added vitamin C. In the vitamin family, vitamin C is the most well-known one. Vitamin C can promote the synthesis of collagen; help wounds heal faster; promote the absorption of iron and calcium; improve the metabolism of fat, lipids, and cholesterol; prevent cardiovascular disease; promote the growth of teeth and bones, prevent gum bleeding; strengthen the body anti-stress ability and immunity to the external environment, etc. Therefore, terms of the ingredients of the candy itself, it is also one of the selling points of our sugar-free mints.

The specifications of this sandwich’s sugar-free mints are 41.6g per bottle, 6 bottles in a small box, and 8 small boxes in a carton. If you are interested in this product, you are welcome to contact us at any time, the minimum order quantity is 100,000 bottles. After our salesman confirms the deposit with you, the warehouse will deliver the goods within 15-20 days. When the product is shipped, the specific packing number is 1650 CTN/20 GP and 3750 CTN/40 HQ. We accept TT or L/C payment methods.

This kind of mint is already available in the market. The following is our display picture. If you cooperate with us, we will have a professional marketing team formulate a one-to-one display and activity plan for you. Welcome to contact us!


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