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Company news about Participate in the 132nd Canton Fair by live broadcast

Participate in the 132nd Canton Fair by live broadcast


Latest company news about Participate in the 132nd Canton Fair by live broadcast

The 132nd Canton Fair will open online on October 15, 2022. We will meet customers around the world in the form of online live broadcasts and show customers our products and production workshops. The reason why the live broadcast is adopted is because of the prevention and control of the epidemic, so the Canton Fair is not held offline. We hope to show customers more information about production workshops through live broadcasts so that even if customers cannot participate in offline exhibitions, they can learn about our company's products and production workshops intuitively and in detail. In particular, our salesmen will give professional explanations, which can make customers more clearly and deeply understand the environment of our real production workshop, and see the production process and specific production process of products, so that customers around the world can have more confidence to conduct business with us and cooperate.

Every one of our staff has taken great care to prepare this live broadcast, Leco, Peter, and Becky, Elaine will be responsible for introducing sugar-free mints, dairy products, and dietary supplements to customers.

The first live broadcast was explained by Leco. She is a very professional salesman who skillfully introduced the development history of the company and the Dosfarm brand to customers, as well as our main products.

She introduced to the client that our company was established in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China in 2002, and has a history of 20 years. Our main products are sugar-free mints, functional toffees, and dietary supplements. Our company has 23,000 square meters of 100,000-level GMP dust-free workshop, and more than 500 staff members, including more than 70 senior technicians. Our company has obtained various certifications, such as ISO, HACCP, HALAL, MUI HALAL, etc. ISO22000 and HACCP are food quality and safety certifications, we have passed these certifications so customers don't have to worry about the quality of our products. As for HALAL, it is aimed at the Halal consumer market. Today, there are more than 1.57 billion Muslims in the world, so the Muslim market is very broad. In addition, we have MUI HALAL, which is aimed at the Indonesian market. This certificate is very difficult to obtain, and we have achieved this certificate through our efforts.

Our brand is "DOSFARM", the products of this brand have been sold all over the world, such as in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Poland, Dubai, and more than a dozen countries or regions. Products under the Dosfarm brand are very popular with consumers in these countries. Next, we will continue to develop more countries and regions, such as the United States.

According to Leco, vitamin C sugar-free mints are our main product. As we all know, many people who pursue a healthy diet nowadays advocate a "sugar-free" diet. Sugar-free is a choice that is beneficial to human health and meets the needs of the market. Our mints are made with sorbitol, which is healthier than sugar. At the same time, sorbitol, as a sugar substitute, can provide sweetness and make mints taste delicious. Additionally, our sorbitol is sourced from Roquette, our largest raw material supplier. As you know, Roquette is one of the largest sorbitol suppliers in the world. So, Leco believes that our sugar-free mints will be popular in the global market. Leco also introduced our hot-selling sugar-free mints in detail, 41.6g sandwich bubble sugar-free mints and 22g color bottle design sugar-free mints. If you are interested in these two products, please feel free to contact us.

Peter and Becky are mainly responsible for live broadcasting together in the production workshop, introducing our dairy products to customers, mainly including milk lollipops and 81 milk flakes. Peter introduced that the sales channels of our products include Carrefour, Wal-Mart, 7-11, and Family Mart. The raw materials of our functional dairy products are milk powder imported from New Zealand, which not only tastes good but also is very safe and healthy. Our toffee contains bovine colostrum, prebiotics, and other nutrients. The milk powder content of 81 Toffee is as high as 81%, which is why we call it "81 Toffee". We have launched a range of dairy products in many packaging formats, mainly in bags and bottles. Among them, the bagged toffee is packaged in milk white bags, co-branded packaging, and color packaging. We provide OEM service, so if you want to have your packaging, you can contact us for customer service. We also recently launched a line of milk lollipops that are very popular with young children. Our milk lollipops are available in bag form and the form of a hanging board. We have launched 5 flavors, namely milk, yogurt, chocolate, orange, and strawberry. We can also customize other flavors for you, as long as you need, our professional product developers can serve you. We also have milk bucket-shaped products. Peter and Becky introduced the 81.4g milk bucket products in detail. If you are interested in these milk products, please feel free to contact us.

Elaine is responsible for introducing us to dietary supplements, and she also live in the sample room and workshop. She introduced that our company has previously launched vitamin bubble tablets and calcium and zinc milk-flavored chewable tablets. As we all know, vitamins C and B vitamins are very important for human health. That's why we have introduced vitamin C dietary supplements and multi-B vitamin dietary supplements in a variety of delicious flavors. We have obtained the official certification of dietary supplements in China, and you can see the "Little Blue Cap" logo on the outer packaging of the bottle. Calcium Zinc Milk Flavored Chewables were developed for children. In the process of growth and development, children need timely supplementation of appropriate amounts of calcium and zinc. We offer three flavors, milk, strawberry, and lemon. The milk powder in these products is made from New Zealand milk powder, which is very high quality and very good for children. As for packaging, we have designed exclusive packaging and obtained a patent certificate. If you need other packaging specifications, you can also contact us for customization, and we will try our best to provide you with the most satisfactory packaging design.

In addition, we have launched 20 new dietary supplements, and Elaine has also introduced each product in detail. If you are interested in these 20 products, please feel free to contact us. We can also provide free samples for you to taste.

Finally, we look forward to more communication with you at the online Canton Fair. Welcome to watch our live broadcast! In addition, we will also participate in the SIAL Pairs 2022 exhibition in France from October 15th to 19th. Our booth number is 8D088. If you have the opportunity to participate in this exhibition, welcome to our booth!

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