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Company news about Preparing for Authorized Economic Operator

Preparing for Authorized Economic Operator


Latest company news about Preparing for Authorized Economic Operator

    Authorized Economic Operator, also known as "AEO", it's a very important and high honor for export company especially for food manufacturer and exporter. Only companies that have no record of violating national customs regulations within a period of time can be stipulated by the customs as the "AEO". 


    We, Guangdong Xinle Foods Co.,Ltd. (the brand owner of DO'S FARM) are trying our best to start the application of this certification. It's a important and necessary certification and honor for us. Because it can not only make sure that the high quality of our products but also ensure the whole process of our company are safe enough, including the production process, raw materials, the profeesional of our staff, and the quality control of our team.


    Until now, everything are going on smoothly, we are confident that we will get the certification very soon. And wish that our clients could have more confident with us through this certification.

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