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Company news about Supplement with Vitamin C and B Vitamins to Improve Health

Supplement with Vitamin C and B Vitamins to Improve Health


Latest company news about Supplement with Vitamin C and B Vitamins to Improve Health

Vitamin C, with a variety of specificities and a series of physiological functions, has a great impact on human health and the nutritional value of food. Because vitamin C has the effect of anti-scurvy, it is also known as ascorbic acid, usually referred to as vitamin C refers to L-ascorbic acid.

Many people know that vitamin C supplementation is good for the body, so what are the specific benefits? First of all, vitamin C can enhance the stress ability of immune cells, which can prevent and treat various acute and chronic infectious diseases or other diseases such as colds. Improve the metabolism of fats and lipids, especially cholesterol, prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Promote the metabolism of tyrosine and tryptophan in amino acids, effectively prolong the life of cells and bodies. Because it can promote the production of glia and hormones, and protect cells from radiation damage, there is a significant positive correlation between vitamin C levels in the body and fertility, which can reduce the standardized mortality rate of various diseases, and the effect is more significant for men. It is out of concern for people's health that we have launched our vitamin C dietary supplement products. Do’s Farm Vitamin C dietary supplement is aimed at people who need vitamin C supplementation and comes in two delicious flavors, sweet orange and peach. In addition, our R&D team has developed a unique bubble taste, so that when people supplement vitamin C, they can also experience the pleasure of eating bubble candies, and the pursuit of health and deliciousness can be satisfied at one time.

B vitamins, the general term for B vitamins, are often derived from the same food sources, such as yeast. B vitamins are essential for metabolism in the body, and each vitamin B is involved in key metabolic reactions, usually in the form of coenzymes.

Vitamin B was once thought to be an organic compound with a single structure like vitamin C, but later research proved that it is actually a group of compounds with different structures, so its members have independent names, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 etc. The B vitamins have become an umbrella term, sometimes referred to as the B vitamins, the B complex, or the B complex.

There are more than 12 kinds of B vitamins, and there are nine kinds that are recognized by the world. All of them are water-soluble vitamins. They only stay in the body for a few hours and must be supplemented every day. B-groups are essential nutrients for all human tissues and are key to the release of energy from food. All are coenzymes involved in the metabolism of sugar, protein and fat in the body, so they are listed as a family. All of the B vitamins must work at the same time, known as the fusion of VB. That's why most dietary supplements on the market come in the form of multiple B vitamins.

Specifically, vitamin B1, also known as an anti-neuritin, helps improve beriberi and shingles; the more calories we eat, the more B1 we need because it helps digest carbohydrates, thereby providing us with enough energy. B1 also helps improve mental health and is especially needed by people whose minds are often in a state of stress. Vitamin B2 can help eliminate inflammation of the mouth, lips and tongue; promote normal growth of hair, skin, and nails; together with B6, it can also help relieve fatigue and refresh the mind. While vitamin B6 plays a regulatory role in the metabolism of proteins, it helps in the production of energy and makes people feel energized and is known as a refreshing nutrient. B6 deficiency is often accompanied by other B vitamin deficiencies. Its symptoms are similar to B2 deficiency, and it is also a manifestation of some inflammation. Children may be affected more, manifested as irritability, muscle twitching, convulsions and other symptoms.

Although B vitamins are usually found in food, B-complex dietary supplements are more needed in the following groups of people: people following a low-calorie diet, vegetarians (especially those deficient in vitamin B12), alcohol Enthusiasts - Alcohol often replaces calories in food, pregnant women, the elderly or those with other symptoms that interfere with food intake and absorption, and those with digestive disorders. In conclusion, anyone with an unbalanced, calorie-deficient diet may benefit from a B-complex supplement.

The benefits of taking a B-complex are related to its many roles in human body functions. In addition to preventing diseases related to B vitamin deficiencies, it can also help boost energy and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts. Appropriate levels of B vitamins promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients to keep hair, skin and nails healthy. Ensuring proper levels of B vitamins can also improve mood and cognitive performance, and some studies have shown that supplementation with B vitamins can help improve symptoms in other medical conditions, such as migraines.

There are so many benefits of vitamin B complex to the human body, so we have also launched a variety of B vitamin dietary supplement tablets, which are compounded with six B vitamins to better meet the needs of consumers. Our multi-vitamin tablets contain mainly vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, niacinamide, folic acid and pantothenic acid. As our vitamin C dietary supplements, this product also has a unique bubble candy taste, allowing consumers to enjoy the delicious taste of candy while pursuing health. And, we have launched two popular fruit flavors, passion fruit and strawberry.

If you also think that timely supplementation of vitamin C and B vitamins is very important for people, the market for dietary supplements with vitamin tablets is very potential, please contact us! We will provide you with high-quality dietary supplement products!

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