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Company news about Supplementing with Calcium and Zinc to Help Children Grow Up Healthily

Supplementing with Calcium and Zinc to Help Children Grow Up Healthily


Latest company news about Supplementing with Calcium and Zinc to Help Children Grow Up Healthily

With the improvement of people's living standards, the types of nutrients provided to children in the market have gradually increased, and parents' awareness of children's nutritional supplements has generally improved. Therefore, most people take it for granted that today's children should be reasonably healthy. However, data show that many younger children have calcium or zinc deficiencies.

Experts said that the human body is composed of more than 60 elements, and in the growth process of children, seven trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper and calcium are indispensable. They not only promote the growth and development of children, but also directly affect the growth and development of children. Children's intellectual development. When one or several of these elements are lacking, it will cause physiological abnormalities or diseases in children to varying degrees. In the early stage of birth, many children will face the problem of lack of two nutrients, calcium and zinc, due to a single diet, poor self-absorption capacity, and the peak of development. It is often said that calcium deficiency in children will affect the growth of taller. In fact, not only that, the impact of calcium deficiency on children is multi-faceted. When children's body calcium is insufficient, it can directly lead to the decline of their disease resistance, skin allergies are very likely to occur, and it will also affect the child's sleep quality. Younger children are more prone to seizures caused by calcium deficiency. Therefore, experts remind parents that if their child is found to have symptoms of suspected calcium or zinc deficiency, they should take the child to the hospital for trace element testing in time. Under the guidance of scientific treatment.

Calcium and zinc supplements for children are both divalent cations in the form that can be absorbed by the body and require the use of the same carrier. If calcium and zinc are supplemented together, because the activity of calcium is stronger than that of zinc, its absolute amount is also more than that of zinc. Therefore, the ability of calcium to obtain a carrier is much stronger than that of zinc, which makes divalent calcium ions compete with zinc ions. The absorption mechanism , mutual interference absorption. If the human body takes too much calcium, it will inevitably affect the absorption of zinc. Therefore, some experts have publicly stated that calcium and zinc cannot be supplemented together. A test study in the United States showed that calcium and zinc can be absorbed together in an appropriate ratio. If the calcium intake is within the normal range, it has little effect on the absorption of zinc, but if it reaches the acceptable intake of 2000 mg for ordinary people, it may inhibit the absorption of zinc. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that the appropriate intake of calcium for children is less than 700 mg. Therefore, zinc supplementation for children will generally not affect the absorption of zinc.

Children are in the growth and development period, the supplement of calcium and zinc is necessary, if the deficiency will cause various diseases. Calcium deficiency in children is prone to rickets, slow teething, loose teeth, chicken breasts, short body, etc.; zinc deficiency is manifested as growth retardation, mental decline, loss of appetite, changes in cognitive behavior, delayed maturation, and susceptibility to infection, etc. Severe cases can cause zinc deficiency dwarfism. Therefore, it is necessary for children to supplement calcium and zinc. When children supplement calcium, as long as they are within a reasonable dose range, calcium and zinc can be supplemented together.

Based on our understanding of the market, we have launched Do’s Farm children's calcium and zinc chewable tablets. The product series is positioned as "healthy milk tablets supplemented with calcium and zinc for children" , adding nutrients needed for children's bones, teeth and growth and development. The core group of products is 4-12 years old (ie kindergarten to primary school age group). Compared with competing products, our advantages are, firstly, the low unit price per customer, and the preferential price to attract parents to buy; secondly, the product form of milk tablets, which tastes much better than ordinary calcium supplements and has a delicious taste; and our products The content of milk powder in the raw materials reaches 70%, and the milk source comes from New Zealand, and strives to provide children with high-quality products. We offer three types to choose from, Calcium Chewable (Milk Flavor), Zinc Citrate Chewable and Calcium Zinc Chewable (Strawberry Flavor). Our chewable tablets have a fragrant milk flavor, and each tablet has a strong milk flavor, which children love and cannot resist, making parents more worry-free. The strawberry flavor and lemon flavor are mainly prepared with high-quality raw materials purchased from the well-known Roquette company. Each chewable tablet is filled with the sweet and fruity fragrance derived from nature, which is fresh and delicious.

If you are interested in the calcium and zinc chewable tablets mentioned above, or want to customize other dietary supplements, please feel free to contact us!

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