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Company news about Why does sugar-free mint taste sweet?

Why does sugar-free mint taste sweet?


Latest company news about Why does sugar-free mint taste sweet?

With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the per capita consumption of general food has increased. We believe that the main reasons lie in the following two aspects: on the one hand, it benefits from the improvement of residents' health awareness, and on the other hand, it comes from the substitution of sweeteners. From the perspective of the general trend, sugar-free drinks are popular in various countries and regions, and sugar-free/low-sugar foods have achieved rapid growth in the world.

Sweet, it's a wonderful taste, but eating too much can lead to greater health risks. Many people who have eaten sugar-free mints will wonder, why is this candy still sweet even though it has no added sugar? Therefore, many consumers questioned whether the so-called sugar-free mints are just a gimmick, and the propaganda of the merchants is not credible. In fact, regular sugar-free mints have no sugar, it does not add sucrose, granulated sugar, white sugar, glucose, etc. The reason why it is sweet inside is that sugar substitutes are added to this mint.

There are many types of sugar substitutes, which can be generally divided into two categories: nutritive sweeteners and non-nutritive sweeteners, according to whether they generate heat or not. Nutritional sugar substitutes refer to sugar substitutes that generate calories after eating, but the calories produced per gram are lower than those of sucrose. For example, sorbitol, commonly used in chewing gum, is about half as sweet as sucrose, and one gram produces three calories. Sorbitol has a cooling sensation in the mouth and does not cause tooth decay.

Non-nutritive sweeteners are divided into two categories: synthetic and natural. Synthetic sweeteners are widely loved by the food processing industry due to their stable supply, low price, and high sweetness. There are several common products on the market. Among them, sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sucrose, and the sweetening coefficient of sucralose in water is about 750 to 500 times higher than that of table sugar. As a sweetener, sucralose has the characteristics of no energy, high sweetness, pure sweetness, and high safety. It is one of the best functional sweeteners at present. The sweetness characteristic is very similar to sucrose, without any bitter aftertaste; no heat, no dental caries, and good stability, especially in an aqueous solution. Although sucralose is made from granulated sugar, it does not add calories since it cannot be absorbed by the body.

From a health perspective, sugar substitutes are healthier than traditional sucrose. Adding a small amount can achieve the same sweetness as sucrose, reducing the total sugar intake. The calories of sugar substitutes are basically much lower than real sugar, and some types of sugar substitutes even have no calories, so now many people who are losing weight but like to eat sweet things will choose those with added sugar substitutes food.

The "sugar-free mints" produced by our company cater to this "healthy" consumer trend, adding artificial sweeteners to make sugar-free mints taste sweet. At the same time, our company's in-house professional product research and development team also adds vitamin C, prebiotics or collagen, and other beneficial ingredients to the sugar-free mints. Therefore, our sugar-free mints not only satisfy consumers' pursuit of "sugar-free" but also provide consumers with additional nutrients that are beneficial to their physical and mental health. If you are looking for these delicious and healthy sugar-free mints, please contact us and we will provide you with the best quality products and services!

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