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Company news about Xinle Company’s 20th Anniversary: Customers First, Shared Responsibility And Enjoyment

Xinle Company’s 20th Anniversary: Customers First, Shared Responsibility And Enjoyment


Latest company news about Xinle Company’s 20th Anniversary: Customers First, Shared Responsibility And Enjoyment

June 6, 2022, is the 20th anniversary of our company and our corporate culture festival.

The general manager said in his speech at the opening ceremony of the anniversary event: “Although the market economy is changing rapidly, the essential basis of operation remains unchanged. Innovation, increase market share, be guided by customer service value, strengthen the market foundation, deepen terminal construction, continuously expand sales channels, and increase product sales. I believe that under the guidance of corporate culture, as long as everyone works together and moves forward, we will use the rest of the year to firmly break through our performance step by step.”

The manager from the international business department shared the “first order of health care products” in the story session: the case of obtaining the first order of health care products in more than one year through professional customer service.

The outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated the rapid growth of the health care product market. The company quickly prepared the health care product R&D team and workshop production qualifications. The international business department is also actively exploring new customers in the health care product industry.

On July 21, 2021, the manager received a message from a customer in Cambodia. The customer is from Yaoqu, which mainly sells products under the category of medical equipment. The manager believes that this customer has sales experience in the medical industry, so he is more likely to be interested in the new line of health care products launched by Urban Ranch. Therefore, the manager introduced our company’s capabilities in the production and research, and development of health care products to the customer. After the client learned about our professionalism, he was very interested. Then, the client sent information about an effervescent tablet containing vitamins. Ask the manager, can our company have the ability to make a similar product? Since the manager is very clear about our company’s production and R&D capabilities, he firmly said “yes” to the customer.

After the manager agreed with the customer, he contacted the head of the R&D department within the company, Mr. Lin. Let Mr. Lin be responsible for making the sample of the effervescent tablet that the customer wants. Mr. Lin is an expert in effervescent tablet products. In a very short period of time, Mr. Lin gave the corresponding formula based on his own experience and immediately arranged for the relevant personnel to make samples. After the sample was made for the first time, the manager video-connected the customer and immediately confirmed the appearance of the sample with the customer. The customer said that it looked good. Then, the manager immediately sent the sample to the customer. However, the customer was not satisfied with the first sample and suggested that the color and intensity should be adjusted. After receiving the customer’s adjustment opinions, the manager adhered to the “customer first” attitude and reprocessed the samples according to the customer’s needs, including the details and design of the outer packaging, and then sent them out again. When our customer receives the second sample, the customer feedback after the effervescent tablet dissolves in water, there is a layer of white floating matter, then the product is likely to be questioned by consumers when it is sold. Just fix this problem.

Faced with this new problem, the manager and Mr. Lin had some discussions and analyses. It turned out that the customer requested to increase the hardness, but it was tablet pressing, so the product was not easy to form. So Mr. Lin put some magnesium stearate, and magnesium stearate is insoluble in water, so there is that layer of float. In order to deal with this problem, another professional in the company, Mr. Huang, with his professional knowledge, gave a solution. Therefore, the corresponding personnel was contacted to solve the problem of magnesium stearate.

New problems have also been solved, so the samples are basically confirmed to be correct. The manager asks if the customer can confirm the order? However, according to customer feedback, the registration agency in Cambodia requires the product to be analyzed for ingredients and to give a test report. The manager actively faced the problem and remembered that our company has a professional R&D department, which can analyze the components of the product and give a test report. Therefore, the manager reconfirmed with the customer whether the company’s test report could be used, and the customer said yes. The manager sought the assistance of the company’s quality department personnel and asked professional personnel to be responsible for the report. Professional quality department personnel also actively assisted and issued a 23-page test report for customers to register.

The test report was also available, so the manager asked the customer again if he could confirm the order. The customer said that to pass the final test, we still need to prepare 25 samples to go to Cambodia MOH for finished product registration. After the manager learned about it, he asked the relevant personnel of the company to arrange the production of samples. Finally, the latest samples were sent out on May 25th. Although the customer has not received the latest samples, the manager again asks the customer if he can confirm the order first. The customer agreed, so on May 31, the manager and the customer signed an order for effervescent tablets. Now, just wait for the customer to receive the sample, pay us the deposit, and then our production workshop will arrange the production.

The manager believes that developing new customers is a process of honing people. The desire for orders and the torment of waiting for orders are the normal working conditions of our foreign trade people. In our work, there are many setbacks and difficulties on our way forward, but as long as we uphold the spirit of “never give up, be professional and persistent”, we will eventually be able to overcome all obstacles and reap the success that belongs to us with joy.

In the past 20 years, Do’s Farm has insisted on bringing healthy and delicious food to consumers and has also received high praise from many customers. In the future, we will continue to maintain the attitude of “customer first”, do our best to meet the reasonable needs of customers, and provide customers with products that meet their expectations. If you need sugar-free mints, milk tablets or effervescent tablets, and other related products, please feel free to contact our salesmen!

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